Are The Clintons Playing By a Different Set of Rules?


Justice for thee but not for me…..We’ve all seen this before. The Clintons usually avoid scrutiny and if scrutinized simply get a pass not matter what level of crime committed thanks to the  sycophant media complex that turn daily news events into Clinton propaganda.

The Christie vs. Clinton Comparison- The Patriot Post The Wall Street Journal editorial board nails it, writing, “Voters can make up their own mind, but this also raises the ripe question of disparate political treatment. Specifically, is anyone at Justice or the FBI investigating the Clinton Foundation and Hillary Clinton for accepting foreign donations while she was Secretary of State? The risk of quid-pro-quo corruption involving U.S. foreign policy would seem to be at least as important as commuter inconvenience at the George Washington Bridge.”

The answer is obvious: So long as Barack Obama runs the Justice Department and Hillary Clinton is running for the nomination to succeed him, she’s almost certainly free from the slightest fear of investigation, much less prosecution. The Clintons have always played by a different set of rules, and that won’t change now.

Hillary Clinton Continues to Get Away With Murder are created for a reason, and people who break those rules are usually punished accordingly. So why is it the rules seem to not apply to certain people, especially those that deserve to face consequences?

We’ve seen this in the media spotlight for weeks with Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. Whether you’re a celebrity or an average Joe, if you do something illegal you should be punished accordingly.

I realized the true impact of this during a recent conversation with my son. We had been watching the coverage of the Clinton email scandal, and he could not understand why it was a big deal that she was not logging emails. I began to explain that as a leader of a wealth management firm, regulatory authorities require me to log all of my emails. I explained that the government works for us, the taxpayers, therefore,everything they produce belongs to us as well, including emails. I told him about the laws and guidelines I must comply to and soon he recognized what was going on.

After learning all this he was even more surprised that Clinton was NOT reprimanded for failing to log her emails and I could see his frustration building. He asked me how, after doing something illegal, she was not in jail. My only reasonable explanation? Because she’s a Clinton!

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