If I Could Change the World…

If I Could Change the World…

25 thoughts on “If I Could Change the World…

  1. Gabriela Robles

    Excellent video! I am an ESL professor in Mexico and your video has
    inspired a week-long conversation class. Thank you!

  2. HiveesMR In House International Experience

    http://youtu.be/cJazW2qT6ok I am the Program Manager for an innovative
    educational platform offered to high schools across the globe. Students in
    Grade 9-12 collaborate on global issues and take action by working with
    international students. The projects I offer are geared to topics such as
    globalization and our newest project is about religion. If you would like
    to partcipate please check out http://www.hivees.com or FB like Hivees EduSys
    Thanks for everyone´s support!

  3. John Boctor

    I like the part where they said show technology is good or bad depending on
    how you use it then go on to show how to use it incorrectly by making the
    screen nar impossible to read due to the glare.

  4. Caroline Room

    Thank-you for a great video. Fantastic series of thought-provoking
    questions. I’ll be sharing it with my students on Tuesday who are about to
    start studying RS Global Concerns.

  5. Dean Buist

    Great video! I used it in my 9th grade English class yesterday in
    conjunction with a Kid President video on “change.” Now students are
    writing social issue allegories similar in style to George Orwell’s Animal

  6. Rickdeckard2020

    Humans are several orders of magnitude more able than single cell
    organisms. Our cells can move much faster than a bacteria on a grain of
    sand just by us walking. We can perceive objects at great distances. A key
    difference between human cells and a bunch of bacteria is that human cells
    work together in a sense. If every cell in our bodies perceived themselves
    as individuals we’d be dead in minutes. If you read this, its not because
    people in Somalia are living as they did a long time ago, its because other
    humans have contributed to science and organized groups of humans, have
    used accumulated knowledge, methods and tools to produce, and you happen to
    have access to this production.

    Humans start off totally ignorant. We learn a great deal from the society,
    but also learn false information believing it true and learning about
    detrimental social mechanisms around us believing them to be normal (which
    means some of the things we think are “normal” and perfectly “ok” may be
    detrimental and part of humanity’s problem which will never be solved as
    long as it is not questioned). So part of the problem is that some root
    causes are not identified as a source, but to make things worse, the people
    and institutions who benefit the most from the detrimental mechanisms are
    both more able to change them and in a conflict of interest not to since
    they benefit the most from that which hurts everyone else). Imo Hierarchy,
    Money and Secrecy are some of the core problems, archaic social mechanisms
    not sufficiently identified as deep causes. A lot of major problems are man
    made (poverty, famine, war) as they result from dysfunctional human
    organization on this planet, and the problems that are external/natural
    could be in great part prevented or minimized with alternate human
    organization and technology.

  7. Sean Jones

    People are trying to help by working on parts of our world’s problems, such
    as poverty, pollution, over-population, racism, trafficking, crime, war and
    disease. Despite all efforts, the problems persist, because the root
    problem is never addressed or resolved. Unifying Truth Project is focusing
    on the root cause of all the problems we face: division. Our primary
    mission is to find, define, and spread unifying truth about life.

  8. Jenny Rose Abella

    HI! WE REALLY LOVE YOUR PRESENTATION. ❤ It really inspires us in our
    project in Environmental Science. Is it okay if we will make a video about
    this presentation? Thankyousomuch! xx

  9. Ankush Wahi


    let’s give 5 minutes of our time , to the world , we live in



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