Philosophy Gets Political: Distributive Justice

Philosophy Gets Political: Distributive Justice

6 thoughts on “Philosophy Gets Political: Distributive Justice

  1. DrBPepper23

    Directed by 40 specially trained wooping Ecuadorian Mountain
    Llamas…trained by Nicole and Sarah…I can’t stop laughing 😀 Ya’ll crack
    me up! I can’t write M’s M’s are haaaaaaaaaaard!!!!!!!!!! Lols!

  2. VoluntaryAct

    Girls, I love your presentation. This is how problems in political
    philosophy should be presented. May I ask which of the three systems you
    prefer? I myself consider to be a anarcho-capitalist, and therefore have a
    question for you: Sophia the Socialist said that people will work for the
    benefit of their community. If that is so,(and it seems likely) why does
    need to be enforced? If there are inequalities caused by natural lottery
    and markat instability that should be amended, why by force?

  3. Firman Insan Muhammad

    In France this 3 Political Philosophy is marked in their motto : ”Liberté,
    égalité, fraternité” , meanwhile in this video, explained that this three
    is really different and need moderate to high level of tolerance and


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