Why Do I Care (about Social Justice Issues)?

Why Do I Care (about Social Justice Issues)?

2 thoughts on “Why Do I Care (about Social Justice Issues)?

  1. Not of This World

    My NEW video about my Christian faith, my interest in social justice issues
    and how my faith influences my view on SJ issues is now up! I apologize for
    the delay but the wait is over! Check out the video, like (if you feel what
    I’m saying), comment if you would like to start a discussion with me on
    these topics and share the video if you feel that your loved ones need to
    hear this. Thanks in advance!

  2. Symph

    Man I wish more christians like you were on youtube. PREACH IT SISTER!!!

    Also, you said “are you voting against other children of God having the
    same rights as you” am I to assume you actually SUPPORT gay marriage?
    Cause I do!! If so I think that’s so cool cause you just never find that
    these days. 


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