Global Justice and Political Philosophy

Global Justice and Political Philosophy

8 thoughts on “Global Justice and Political Philosophy

  1. rfengr

    so … you’re just going to read your speech? Why not just print out the
    speech, hand it out to the attendees, and not even show up :).

  2. Abhishek Dasgupta

    Lol ! he can do whatever he wants , He won a nobel prize in economics ! he
    is 80 yrs old , not sure about you existing that long . Wannabe smartass
    people these days !!!

  3. Abhishek Dasgupta

    dude ignorant Indians like you are ruining the nation . Do you even make
    sense ? many people read script while giving a speech . It is not an issue
    . I should not waste my time on you though . you are a troll .

  4. Abhishek Dasgupta

    Lol Dude why you hating on him so much ? I don’t know where you study or
    what you do . But clearly you do not know about our economy and how it
    works , that is clear from your immature comment . If you are so concerned
    about our economy then become an entrepreneur , provide some jobs and help
    the nations . It is very easy to get into the blame game and not do
    anything about the problem .


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