Social Justice Issues

Social Justice Issues

7 thoughts on “Social Justice Issues

  1. gothatfunk

    regarding your rational remarks about certain youtubers’ attitude towards
    feminists, you seem to be overlooking the fact that nuance is too time
    consuming for many commentators. it requires considering more than one side
    of an issue, and risks losing the mass appeal that sound bites provide.
    heaven forbid we expect people to *think* – better to blow a trumpet
    yelling “CHARGE!”, and let battle commence. *that’s entertainment*.

  2. Durakken

    You sound really nice and rational but… your defense of feminism bullshit.
    Feminism at it’s inception was about female supremacy and since then has
    tried to hide it and invade other communities while promoting things the
    perpetuate the problems they say they are against, if not make them worse,
    while also being extremely bigoted in their rhetoric and twisting history
    in the minds of many people as demonize certain groups which has led to
    hatred, oppression, confusion, and many other negatives to be created and
    the destruction of many positive things such as education, the family unit,

    As much as you may think that some of the things that appears to have come
    from feminism to be good, and I may agree, feminism is not a label anyone
    should be taking, nor do any of their core beliefs that I can find that can
    be applied to all that are associated with the label actively are right nor

    There is however 1 caveat… there are a lot of people that have fallen for
    the whole feminist are about equality thing and they just assume the label
    without looking into it much beyond that. I don’t consider these people
    feminists and generally if they listen to all the data and think it over
    they tend to not want to be associate with such people.

  3. FaceWhatsAhead

    To me, feminism means advocacy for women… I’m a niggeritarian feminist,
    the rarest of beasts.

  4. SkidRowRadio

    i am against the crackerization of all niggers on the planet. we should
    cracker the word cracker till it is a total benignigger. only then will
    every crackers true nigerity be realised. 


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