Social Justice Issues in Slovakia

Social Justice Issues in Slovakia

9 thoughts on “Social Justice Issues in Slovakia

  1. sisimoto

    Sk goverment saying that Hungary is a nationalist/revisionist state or
    worst!Anti-Hungarian propaganda is just endless!Watching this video is just
    say everything!Hypocratic sk politicians are the real
    nationalists,sovinists and racist!

  2. cotelo00

    Your organisation is so naive, ur little tour wont make a difference I have
    been living here for 5 years and I have realist that these gypsies love to
    proclaim themselves as poorvictims of society…

  3. Andrea Rusnakova

    😉 Well, nice that they wanna come and analyze all, but maybe it is not
    all the fault of majority (poor us, poor Slovaks for being still blamed for
    Roma minority). Maybe it is not the thing of Europe. So let´s see how we
    can handle it together.

  4. Peter Bozik

    @lupagu11 Ja som Slovak a nesuhlasim s Tebou. Je to to iste ako keby som ja
    povedal o ciganoch ze su lenivi, kradnu..a ze su neprisposobivi (co je
    pravda zvacsa).. To vsak moze byt pravda ale aj nemusi, zalezi na
    jednotlivcoch… Ja som Slovak a niesom rasista.. Cesi, Madari nech si
    hovoria o vlastnej krajine, neziju tu, nevedia nic o tom, ake su tu pomery.
    Stat podla mna sa o Romov stara niekedy este viac ako o Nie-ciganov.

  5. ankastes

    You have no idea what you are talking about. What Gypsies do in Slovakia
    would never be accepted in Western World. It is easy to point at others
    when you have never experienced the same problem. It is a big difference
    between what Media say and the reality. Until you don’t know the details,
    keep your twisted opinion for yourself. If Slovaks are racists, you are
    discriminator! HOW DARE YOU TO CALL US RACISTS???They got all the support
    and benefits from the government like any other Slovak!

  6. theresa marie

    I am a slovakia gypsy i live in kosice saca ……and we aint like the same
    us thise gypsys on the pictuers and yh.. slovak normal people are racist
    like proper racist is like form a 100% 98% of people that are racist to
    gypsys they cant get a job cuz gorgess hade them and they are f*cking

  7. bingzaniGercel

    Ved uz zdochinaju slovacikovia, ja som tiez slovak, ale ked pocujem od
    vsetkych ludi na svete ze slovaci su rasisti, tak potom nechcem mat nic
    spolocne s tym narodikom. Ved uz prichadzaju na slovensko indovia cinania
    bulhari turci v bratislave som video kazdy 7. bol farebny alebo z orientu.
    A na vychode uz v skolach su len samy cigani, takze uz hodina odbija
    hitlerovcom!!! haha slovaci!!!

  8. oRomanieMaiBuna

    For those who don’t know Gypsies are Romanians.After 1856,millions of
    gypsies have been going to other countries (Slovakia,Poland). Today in
    Romania there are only 18000000 gypsies.. Many Romanians claim that gypsies
    come from India,Russia or Hungary. Wrong! Romanians hate Hungarians and
    Russians,That’s Why they say that. Of course, Gypsies are known as Romani
    people because they come from Romania! If you see a gypsy in Italy,Spain or
    Hungary, be sure it is Romanian! Merry Christmas to all!


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