Social Justice in European Politics and a Discussion of International Economics

Social Justice in European Politics and a Discussion of International Economics

25 thoughts on “Social Justice in European Politics and a Discussion of International Economics

  1. Gordon S.

    I didn’t know that. I’m from Germany and didn’t know that. The most
    feminist BS you hear here is the woman quota for leading positions.

  2. MetroAndroid

    It’s funny how extremist progressivism is almost indistinguishable from
    extremist conservatism.

  3. Fresc222

    Sargon, I need to unsubscribe because my mental health isn’t very good
    atm. I love your videos as they expose the bullshit but it takes its toll
    on me. I’ll return when I am better. Goodbye.

  4. Dex Luther

    Welfare in Quebec, Canada is about 7,000$ a year with some basic extra
    healthcare coverage over time. If you’re on it for 12 months, they give you
    access to an eye exams and pay for part if you need glasses. You also get a
    free visit to a dentist twice a year for a checkup and a basic cleaning.

  5. MinerVerse

    Conscientious objector: I’m just not sure I trust this Nazi thing.
    Party member: So join us. Get involved to make it better.

    Sargon of Akkad: I’m just not sure I trust this EU thing.
    Party Member: So join us. Get involved to make it better.

  6. wayfarerpg

    That’s bullshit about TTIP. Protection of Investment. Good one.
    Such fear stopped anyone Investing in China and there is a real risk and
    now after 50 years of trading with Europe we all start to think that was

    Are you kidding me?

  7. Grumpy Catterman

    Holy crap. My sister is also a Marxist Feminist… which is the reason I’m
    wasting so much time learning about it and ultimately rejecting almost
    every aspect of it. But, sadly I found myself too far down the rabbit hole
    to just go back to being blissfully ignorant to radical feminists.

  8. Calvin O'blenis

    Paying anyone, especially a politician, 300k a year won’t stop them from
    being corrupted or bribed. If someone comes along and gives them a chance
    to make 350k a year instead, just for voting differently a few times, how
    many would take the offer?

  9. 7Dimensi0ns

    That American… Whenever Saragon comes up with a good question regarding
    the EU he has to first respond with “its complicated” and then tries to go
    around the question until you forget what the damn question itself was!

  10. Jay K

    Well Sargon, the american guy had a point, you CAN get involved in european
    politics. You don’t have to become a politician, you can fucking VOTE. I
    for one, know my represantative in the EU parliament personally and have
    spoken to him. I even went to fucking Brussels to meet him.
    If you want the EU to change then go vote and encourage other likeminded
    people to do the same. It’s easy to sit at home and moan about the EU…but
    don’t cry about it if you don’t do the most basic thing and just vote.
    Hell, a german satire show got one of their comedians elected for european
    parliament, it’s not that hard to get people you like in there.

  11. Gianni Carrea

    Is it me is was this mostly NOT about social justice in european politics

    You could have adress, for instance, the bullshit woman quota in admin
    boards voted unanimously by the EU to be implemented in 2018…

  12. American Rambler

    Femminism & SJW seem like political red herrings to me, although it seems
    to have been taken to a different level in Europe. It is similar to gay
    rights on the right. I wouldn’t even put it on my top 10 list of important
    political issues. At least in the U.S. it doesn’t get more than lip
    service from any serious politician. 

  13. Dennis H

    @58:00 What the hell is this moron talking about? Would you want the
    LAWMAKERS of a nation state to make the LAWS. No please by all means let’s
    let the corporations who stand to benefit bypass the bullshit game of
    legislation. Now let’s look at where corporations lead in developing legal
    frameworks as they pertain to corporations. Drum roll please…..
    Obamacare, made in whole cloth by insurance companies, check(people get
    screwed) NAFTA, made by the multi-national corporations to lower their cost
    of doing business, check(people get screwed) Hey how about the glorious
    “FIX” for an unbroken internet, yup the corporations/gov’t who stand to net
    billions in new licensing, taxes, regulations and the filtering of what is
    deemed “legitimate ” content. Well, by god I guess that can’t possibly go
    wrong for the people, could it? Naw, huge multi-national corporations with
    no allegiance to ANYBODY would surely never push for any agreement that
    benefits themselves. As Sargon said, WHY hide the bill from the people of
    the nations who stand to benefit from their largesse? We all know the
    answer to that question, well almost ALL of us. What a douche. A guy who
    left America telling Americans what is good for them.
    Sargon, please, please, please don’t ever have this guy on again. Globalist
    progressive piece of shit. The TPP takes away the last tiny little bit of
    sovereignty we have left and delegates authority to an international
    TRIBUNAL. Surely no way that could work out bad for us either, right? I
    really wonder if this guy has ever heard of the definition of FACIST.
    Sheesh, what a douche!

  14. omgcow

    The more I listen to sargon the more I realise he’s a pseudo-intellectual
    fool that doesn’t understand the ideals or philosophy behind his beliefs.
    And god forbid he has to defend against someone who calls his bullshit, as
    he then flounders and withdraws from his earlier statement which he said as
    if fact.

    I also find his obsessive use of ad hominems and other illogical arguments
    annoying as fuck, and I’m a pseudo intellectual myself.

    He also seems to suffer from his own level of political correctness that is
    almost the opposite of what he preaches and cannot argue anything to an
    audience at all. Pathetic.

  15. Patrick DaMao

    china doesn’t have navigable rivers?? They have more than the usa. this is
    idiocy. I read a book about ancient technology and china lead the world in
    technology and economy a long time ago because of their navigable rivers

  16. Mosco Monster

    About the english language being the global language, I think it has
    already happened. But it will not be the only language, and it will not be
    spoken by 100% of the population, only by the educated elite. The same way
    that it takes a lot of energy to keep a dying language from dying, italso
    takes a lot of language to keep a “lingua franca” alive, what makes it
    almost impossible to have a global english speaking population.

  17. Thomas Brooks

    In the mind of feminists the world is very BINARY. You’re either a
    feminist, or a right wing MRA misogynist. 

  18. Thor Nielsen

    Language is *not* just a means of communicating ideas! It is also a sort of
    mutual concept memory bank. Importantly different languages can vary quite
    significantly in how difficult it is to express a particular idea. Not only
    that, but language evolves over time and I think much of the progress in
    general knowlegde is in how proficient the language is at naturally
    implying advanced concepts.


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